Duplicate shortcuts

AHK Text Expansion Keyboard v4.6

You can now modify an existing shortcut to create a new one, while keeping the original.

To enable this function, go to

Settings → Interface → Confirm before Delete + Enable Duplicate

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Swipe to Delete

AHK Text Expansion Keyboard v4.4

Swipe to the left from the Delete key would delete the word you are typing, the shortcut just expanded, or the last 5 characters.

To activate this feature, you have to enable the Swipe Trigger first:

Settings → Triggers → Swipe 2-letter Trigger

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Word Learning

AHK Text Expansion Keyboard v4.3

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Copy Key

AHK Text Expansion Keyboard v4.2

Besides the Paste key, a Copy key is also added, so that you can choose it as one of your auxiliary keys.

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Auto Trigger | Customizing Auxiliary Keys

AHK Text Expansion Keyboard v4.1

1. Auto Trigger is added: Any shortcut ended with "$$" will be expanded automatically. For example, if you define "az$$" as the shortcut for "apple", every time you type "az", it will expand to "apple" automatically.

2. Auxiliary keys: You can now customize which keys to appear (when there are no word suggestions) on the word suggestion bar.

3. Auxiliary keys: Arrow keys (for cursor movements) are added for you to choose.

4. Auxiliary keys: You can set them to be always-on, in case you do not need the word suggesting function.

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